DJ Aaron French
DJ Aaron French

Aaron French

After years of international touring and a couple of million frequent flyer miles, Aaron F is undoubtedly one of the freshest DJ’s & Producers to emerge in today’s dance music scene.

The sound of Aaron F has travelled far and wide, and is now embraced with loving arms, no matter what city he plays, although the question is, what IS the sound of Aaron F? An expert in mixing and matching styles, he is known for his musical crossovers, shrugging off the confines of genre typecasting a long time ago, and has based his success on this. His sets are always a surprise, sometimes laying down darker and deeper tracks, though also blending uplifting bangers fused with cheeky edits and homemade tracks, using haunting vocals, driving bass lines and “hands-in-the-air” riffs, so that the dance floor knows it’s the Aaron F experience and one to be cherished and savoured, simply leaving the crowd begging for more!

2013 has proven to be something of a pinnacle year, working alongside Darren Bailie under The Guru Project alias, and more recently, being involved with new projects, which have already seen 2 of the tracks signed to a major label, 2014 looks to be explosive!

Aaron F represent an invaluable legacy of sound, where his blend of styles is his dogma and the quality his message. Securing bookings around the globe; Miami, Ibiza, Dubai, Australia, Estonia, Austria, Ireland, Germany, Canada, the list goes on! Aaron F is….? The word “accomplished” springs to mind. Now it’s up to us to sit back and enjoy the pleasure of watching as his attitude towards music mature and develop…who knows what’s yet to come…